Fiction Writing Basics

fullsizeoutput_510aA Nine-Week Course Coming in August 

Many people have great story ideas, but don’t know how to put them down on paper. Many others start writing their novels, but quit halfway, mostly because they are confused about the entire process and don’t know where to go with their writing, or how to complete it.

Aspiring writers wrongly believe that published authors came with an idea, wrote it down from A to Z in their first manuscript draft and voila, a bestseller was born. This is a common misconception among new writers. Fiction writing is overwhelming, even for bestseller authors. The difference is that established authors may suffer less during the process because they have the proper writing tools, while new authors spend most of their creative time struggling with the writing process, than actually working on developing and writing their novels. Embarrassed to ask for guidance, many writers just abort their projects unaware that good writing alone doesn’t produce good fiction. To become a fiction writer, you need to develop your skills in, yes you got that right, writing fiction.

Yes, You Too Can Write a Novel


If this is the year you can start writing your novel; done struggling with your story idea and how to write it down; ready to join the ranks of published authors or just want to write for fun, but don’t quite know how to begin, I am thrilled to invite you to enroll in my new signature course Fiction Writing for Beginners.


This is a writing course for beginners and the material I will provide you will not only help you to understand how a novel is created and introduce you to the elements of fiction writing, you will learn the necessary tools and knowledge to write a novel as well. And we will do all that together as I walk you step by step through the novel writing process. Areas covered will include basic skills, tips and techniques to improve your creative writing. The course will become a stepping stone towards fulfilling your novel writing dreams.


Upon completion of this nine-weeks course, you will be able to:

·     Select your novel Genre

·     Construct the Setting for your novel

·     Create unique and compelling Characters

·     Understand and apply the secrets of Characterization in Fiction

·     Create Backstories for the Characters

·     Understand the elements of Plot development

·     Develop Conflict

·    Select the appropriate and most effective Point of View for your story and avoid POV                     common mistakes

·     Write captivating Scenes

·     Know your target Word Count



The course material consists of nine training modules.  In addition to the written material, you will receive writing assignments, exercises and more than 20 hours of writing training. The course will also include writing tips and strategies for developing sustainable writing habits. Moreover, you will get one -on-one zoom sessions with me to discuss your current work, your writing goals, and how we can both work to improve your writing. At the end of the course, there will be a final examination to measure your knowledge of the fiction writing process.

The Cost for this Nine-Weeks Course is USD285.00 payable upon registration via PayPal to

When you sign up for the course, you will receive these amazing gifts:

  • Fiction Writing for Beginners include a 2-course bundle. Upon completion of Fiction Writing for Beginners, you will receive a 2-Week Online Novel Outline Course valued at USD50.00 for FREE
  • 10% discount on all future classes
  • If you submit all the writing assignments, you will receive 15% discount on Writing Your Novel Course

I know what it takes to write a book. I’ve been there.

11066657_864261746945854_3186318276439542282_oMy name is Alexandra Kinias and I’m a writer, content and development editor and a writing coach. In my 15 year writing career, I’ve written novels, short stories and screenplays in English and Arabic. I have edited, reviewed and developed manuscripts for successful authors, as well as coached tens of authors in writing their novels. Moreover, I am the founder and Chief Editor of Women of Egypt online magazine published in English and Arabic.

But writing wasn’t a talent I was born with. In fact, before I left my career as a mechanical engineer to become a writer, I struggled with writing. To find out more about me, visit

I would love for you to join me in embarking your novel writing journey.

Happy Writing


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